Year 7 Trip to Marwell Zoo

On Wednesday 4th March Year 7 visited Marwell Zoo.

Everyone was rearing to go at 9am and there was much excitement and even some singing on the coaches and before we knew it we had arrived, the pupils were led in by Mr Faulkner and after a short reminder of the rules they were set free in small groups to explore what Marwell had to offer.

Miss Pavey and her group spent most of the day with the penguins whereas some of the boys (along with Mr Young and Mr Selwood) spent a lot of time in the play zone. We all got to see the majestic tiger being fed and the giraffes made a few friends when Mrs Blake’s group visited them. There were a lot of jokes as we wandered past the hippo enclosure and the tropical house held beautiful butterflies and lizards as well as being welcome break from the chilly wind.

The shop contained an array of sweets, cuddly toys, stationary and trinkets, pupils made the most of the sweet section and there were a lot of blue teeth and tongues on the way home!

The students behaved impeccably and represented the school well, I was very proud of their conduct throughout the day. I hope Year 7 enjoyed our trip and as always huge thanks to all staff who helped out.

Mrs Jackson





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