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Breaking new ground in Sporting Achievements. Gio Does Well at Exeter.

 For the first time in the History of Stonehenge School a pupil has competed for Wiltshire in the “Athletics Multi-events National Final” .

Gio Downie competed in the National Final at The Exeter Arena on Saturday 17th September. Along with 41 other athletes from across England, Gio took part in the 5 events that make up The Pentathlon.

Gio began with the 80m Hurdles where in heat 5 He recorded a personal best  time of 12.98  seconds, which gave him 604 points,( winning time 11.28s), which placed him 28th in the field.  His position in the race is almost irrelevant as it is the cumulative points scored in total for the 5 events that matter.

 Gio’s second event was previously his weakest The Shot Putt. However on this occasion he pulled out a  putt of 9.43m. Another personal best to score 451 points, (winning putt14.78m). This maintained  Gio  in 28th place

 On to event 3 the Long Jump where Gio managed to leap another personal best of 5.13m.  and score  407points, (winning jump 6.40m) . Now Gio was placed 27th after 3 events.

 The 4th element is The High Jump . Gio was placed in pool A and having entered at 1.47m. Gio went on to clear 1.56m. and score  434 points, (winning jump 1.83m).This kept Gio in 27th place.

 Now to the final event the 8oom. Competitors run according to their position after 4 events with the top placed 8 athletes running in the last heat. Gio started in heat 2 of 6. Gio managed to record a time of 2. 07.4 seconds in what is his strongest element, and so scored 643 points, (winning time 2.07.4s). Gio’s time was the fastest by any athlete on the day and shot Gio up the field. Our target was a top 20 finish. His excellent run meant a grand total of 2539 points, a new personal best.

The final result gave Gio  a  National placing of  12th  in a field of 42  competitors. Once again “striving for excellence and exceeding expectations”.

 A fantastic achievement by a young man who has already competed for Wiltshire Schools at the National Cross Country Championships and the National Track and Field Championships this sporting year.



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