Record Breaking GCSE Results .....

The Stonehenge School, Amesbury is pleased to report that our 2015 GCSE results are the best in the school’s 57 year history.  The proportion of students achieving 5 good GCSE passes including both mathematics and English rose to 61% beating the previous record set in 2013.   Other performance indicators which measure student progress are very strong and likely to be considerably higher than both the national and county averages – three quarters of students made at least the expected (three levels) of progress in mathematics and English, while more than a third made even more progress, achieving four and even five levels of progress in English and mathematics. 

Head Teacher Nigel Roper  :  “We are delighted by the success our students have achieved this year.  They have worked very hard and received excellent support from highly dedicated teachers.  It shows that whatever your background, if your expectations and aspirations are high enough you will succeed at this school.”

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