Phil Packer MBE

Our students were offered the amazing opportunity to walk with Phil Packer MBE on Thursday 22nd March as part of Phil’s BRIT Challenge 2012.  The day dawned bright and sunny for what turned out to be the perfect day for walking.  Seven of our Year 9 students set off on  a 4 mile walk with Phil Packer MBE.  Accompanied by myself, Mrs Broom and Mr Harker.


Meeting at Stonehenge and being allowed access to the stones was the start of the walk for them and taking in the historical Avenue from the Heel Stone at Stonehenge , on to the King Barrows, through Larkhill and past Woodhenge then down Countess Road and back into school where the senior prefect team joined us all for lunch.  Phil really appreciated walking in such beautiful surroundings as most of his time is spent walking  in built up areas.


The challenge is part of the Phil’s BRIT 2012 challenge to walk 2,012 miles buy the end of the year in aid of a number of youth related charities.  For more information on Phil, his story and his challenges take a look at his web site which will give you an insight into this truly inspirational man.


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