National Poetry Day

We celebrated National Poetry day by joining one of the ideas promoted by the event, to #Make a poet! Here are some of the outcomes from the day:


Chains clamp and pierce his hard and charcoal skin

His veins pump and ripple down over his body

His hooves mark and shift the dampened mud

His piercing roar will curdle the thickest of blood

Byron Hanson


The flea crawled up the Minotaur’s arm

The little creature meant no harm

The huge beast is crawled upon

Wielded an axe that was very long

Even though the beast was brave

There was one thing he would crave

A little friend is what he wants

So he befriended the flea, surprise to me,

Good job little flea!

Patrick Mullen





His roar could cause the heavens to open,

His breath could melt the hardest of metal

His soul could pierce the reddest of hearts

His gaze could cause you to go insane

His stature towers above the rest as he could fight giants to their death

Kian Ayres



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