Growth Mindset 'Live-N-Learn' Team

With mock exams quickly approaching, Year 11 worked with the ‘Live-N-Learn’ team to explore the best ways to prepare themselves for their exams this year, and to challenge their ways of thinking about their own ability to gain the success they deserve. A small group of Year 10s were also given the opportunity to start thinking about aspiring to create a Growth mindset at an earlier stage.

A strong message exists within the session, that if you want to succeed in life, you need to take personal responsibility, and make things happen for yourself. Based on the research by Professor Carol Dweck the presentation explores the idea that your intelligence, abilities, talents and personality are not simply fixed traits that cannot be altered. On the contrary, they advocate that all our qualities and skills can be developed through hard graft, effort and practice.

Throughout the session students were given a timely boost and the motivation they need to achieve exam success, exploring study skills, time management, how to deal with stress, and what their aspirations are for the future so that they can ensure that they put in the hard work needed to be successful.

Organised by Mr Langley as part of the Growth Mindset work that we are embedding within the school, this event was the perfect way to get Year 11 in a positive frame of mind, but also to understand that hard work and effort do pay off. Many have resolved to go off and write a clear revision timetable and get themselves organised with is certainly something that parents can support at home. Revision needs to start now and be handled in chunks throughout the rest of the year, tackling the topics and areas that they find most challenging first.


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